5+ Instant Approval guest post backlinks website list in Bangladesh 2023

In Bangladesh’s vibrant online landscape, securing high-quality backlinks is crucial for increasing website rankings and attracting organic traffic. Guest posting offers a powerful solution, but finding platforms with instant approval and substantial backlink value can be challenging. This blog post uncovers five fantastic websites for guest posting in Bangladesh, guaranteeing fast approval and strengthening your SEO strategy in 2023.

5+ Instant Approval guest post backlinks website list in Bangladesh 2023
Guest post backlinks website list in Bangladesh


  • HubPages: DA 90 – General topics, high DA, established platform. Click website
  • Medium: DA 95 – Diverse topics, large audience, easy to publish. Click website
  • Vocal Media: DA 66 – Wide range of topics, quick approval, good engagement. Click website
  • Quora: DA 93 – Q&A platform, good for building brand awareness. Click website
  • Blogger: DA 91 – Easy setup, quick publishing, large audience. Clink website


  • TechCrunch: DA 97 – Leading tech blog, high DA, but selective.
  • TechRadar: DA 89 – Tech news and reviews, high DA, good visibility.
  • Mashable: DA 84 – Tech and digital culture, established platform, large audience.
  • ReadWrite: DA 85 – Tech insights and analysis, good DA, engaged audience.
  • VentureBeat: DA 87 – Tech news and startups, high DA, selective but good exposure.


  • Forbes: DA 94 – Leading business magazine, high DA, but very selective.
  • Entrepreneur: DA 87 – Business and entrepreneurship, high DA, good exposure.
  • Inc.: DA 90 – Business and leadership, high DA, established platform.
  • Harvard Business Review: DA 90 – Business management and strategy, highly selective, but excellent backlink value.
  • Fast Company: DA 89 – Business and innovation, high DA, good for thought leadership.


  • Moz: DA 91 – SEO and marketing insights, high DA, respected in the industry.
  • Content Marketing Institute: DA 90 – Content marketing resources and strategies, established platform.
  • Search Engine Land: DA 90 – SEO and digital marketing news, high DA, engaged audience.
  • MarketingProfs: DA 87 – Marketing insights and best practices, good DA, established platform.
  • Social Media Today: DA 88 – Social media marketing news and trends, good DA, relevant audience.


  • Lifehack: DA 88 – Personal development and productivity, large audience, good engagement.
  • The Muse: DA 89 – Careers and workplace culture, good DA, targeted audience.
  • FreelanceWriting.com: DA 82 – Freelance writing tips and resources, relevant audience, good for building authority.
  • DIY Network: DA 85 – Home improvement and DIY projects, large audience, good for targeted traffic.
  • Travel + Leisure: DA 89 – Travel and tourism, high DA, good for reaching travelers.


  • Quality over quantity: Focus on creating high-quality content relevant to the website’s audience.
  • Follow guidelines: Read and adhere to each website’s guest post guidelines.
  • Promote your post: Share your guest post on social media and other channels for maximum reach.
  • Diversify your backlinks: Don’t rely solely on instant approval sites; build a balanced backlink profile.